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gaudie. fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
gaudie. fans

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18.01.2011 22:41

I tried to get the blogs of members but not
I have been able to find, just to get some live videos
could someone help me pliss!

from now thanks*w*


gaudie. items for sale [
08.10.2010 21:00

hello fellow gaudie. fans.
I am selling a whole bunch of gaudie. stuff, including all releases up to MONSTER OF SNIPER (live distributes, comment DVDs etc. as well), as well as all sorts of merchandising (cheki, purikura, bandana, pictures etc.) on my sales journal:
there's also lots of stuff from other bands. please comment if you are interested in anything^^


Heya.. [
15.10.2009 14:25

Hey guys, I'm new here and I can see it's not a real active comm but I thought I would say hello anyway.

I'm currently living in Tokyo on exchange and I just saw Gaudie's tour final on Tuesday night, it was fantastic ^.^ hope I get to see them again before I go home. Eiji has a birthday live coming up in November so maybe......

Anyway, the guys have some really funny blog entries sometimes, so I might go through and translate a couple of my favs, just so I have something to contribute every now and then XD Or if anyone would like a particular entry or lyrics translated I'd be happy to give it a shot for you :)

Also...the info page is a little out of date now.... Hibiki is the new drummer and Kei is no longer a member.

Well, I'll leave it at that, hopefully get talking to some of you soon.


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Mini-album [
08.06.2008 12:47

[ mood | chipper ]

This summer, gaudie will be releasing their new mini-album entitled “SPRIAL STAIRCASE”. It will cost 2100yen and will have seven tracks:

02. another-罪深き幸福- (Tsumibukaki Koufuku)
03. ラストダンス (Last Dance)
04. folding umbrella
05. Selfish
06. Empty Garden
07. 嘆きの果て、明日への鼓動 (Nageki no Hate, Ashita e no Kodou)

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Welcome… [
20.10.2007 20:17

Welcome to the first and only community dedicated for the Japanese indies visual kei band gaudie. This community is here for gaudie.'s fans to share news, information, media and anything else regarding the band.

The community is mostly members only, but the membership is open. All you have to do is read the rules and join.

Considering how new a band gaudie. is, the community might not become overly active quite yet, but I'm going to keep it up to date with any news regarding gaudie. and its members.

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